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Prenuptial agreements

Before you take the leap, plan.

Do You Have a Plan For Your Marriage?

What is a prenup? A plan for divorce, right? Wrong.

While a prenuptial agreement can help in the event of divorce or legal separation, many couples simply use a prenup as another form of financial and estate planning. One example? A parent entering into marriage later in life that wants to preserve her estate for her children. Another? A party with risky business ventures wants to keep his new spouse clear of any collateral damage.

We draft prenups and review agreements drafted by others. Better yet, we do so online, so you never have to wait in traffic or a waiting room to see an attorney.

Common Prenuptial Provisions

Two Financial Lives

Many couples wish to live their personal lives together, but their financial lives apart - separate incomes, separate assets, separate estates to pass on to their loved ones.

Spousal Support Waiver

Another very popular provision is a limit on what, if any, spousal support or alimony will be available should the marriage end in divorce or legal separation. These provisions are tricky - depending on your state, a court could very well surprise you by invalidating this part of the agreement unless your agreement was done exactly as the law requires.


What is the plan for the children? How many kids? Can you require your spouse to raise them according to your religious beliefs? What about limiting child support? State laws vary greatly on what you can and cannot address with regards to kids in a prenup.

Waiving Estate Rights

In many states, a spouse gets a guaranteed portion of the deceased party's property - regardless of one's will. Many couples choose to waive this spousal "election" and draw up a will or trust instead.

Joint Accounts, Property, etc.

Many couples take this opportunity to outline how any joint accounts, credit cards, or property will be held. For example, will a jointly purchased family home be owned equally or by percentage of the cost contributed?

Protect Sacrificing Spouse

What would you do for love? Anything? Many spouses give up jobs, move long distances, become stay-at-home parents, or pay for their partners' education. For such big sacrifices, a prenup can provide some financial protection, just in case.

Benefits of Our Firm

Online Archive

We store your prenup in a secure online locker - with bank-level encryption - for a minimum of seven years.

Plan From Anywhere

No more waiting in traffic to get to an attorney's office where you'll ... wait some more. Instead, connect to your lawyer from wherever you are comfortable. We handle the entire process online.


No hand-scrawled notes here. We take the time to review or prepare your agreement carefully, adding annotations wherever we think the legalese is just a little to thick for normal people to understand. We'll go over your agreement word for word if necessary, to make sure you understand exactly what it is you are signing.

Real Lawyer

Though most of our clients never meet us face-to-face, you will, indeed, have a real lawyer working on your prenup. For some states, and some common prenuptial provisions, having a lawyer is mandatory to make the agreement enforceable.

Flat Fees

For prenuptial agreements that we draft, flat fees apply. This means no surprises and no motivation to drag out your case for as long as possible. If we're reviewing another attorney's work, we can't guarantee a flat fee - some lawyers are more long-winded than others - but we promise to work efficiently and bill clearly.


We pride ourselves on speed: calls, texts, and emails returned promptly and work done without undue delays.

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